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Occupation & Trade

Motor Mechanics & Diesel Mechanics & Technicians ACCREDITED BY QCTO -Quality Council for Trades & Occupations.

Accreditation Number Start date of Accreditation End date of Accreditation
QCTOSDP00181008-1338 2019/06/20 2024/06/20

Skills Programmes

Accredited by merSETA. Various skills programmes are on offer. Criteria: Available to anyone passionate about working on any motor vehicle. Enrolment – Runs throughout the year.

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Provider Programmes

Use the K.E.Y to upskill employed Technicians/Artisans in various workshops. This helps to keep the technicians, artisans and mechanics upskilled, up to date with technological trends and highly motivated, valuing knowledge sharing.

SMME & SME Motor
Industry Workshops

To promote dialogue and networking as well as facilitate Stakeholders to ensure they have the right credentials for Business existence and competitive edge. These are hosted at the Academy on the second and third week of the Month.

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Continuous Improvement

Is a significant K.E.Y at KiYK. We do this through a diverse range of interventions, seminars webinars, workshops, Breakfast sessions with Industry Liaison and relevant Stakeholders in the Motor Industry. This is packaged to ensure:

  • Refresher programs
  • Renewing of the Mind
  • Reviving the Artisanry Spirit
  • Revitalising the Economy
  • Rebooting Grey Matter & redundant brain cells
  • Recalibrating/Reminding of/on Technological Facts & Principles & adding Finance & costing Management) – This is a key component for technicians and managers to be able to understand COMPLIANCE, MARKETING & FUNDING

Employment Opportunities

What Can Learners/Artisans Do after Qualifying? – This is a critical question. KiYK mentors grooms and coaches Artisans to be self -sustaining self -reliant and be able to take on RISK. KiYK ensures ALL its graduands can:

  • Start and run their own business
  • Set up their own satellite workshop
  • Lead other Mechanics
  • Reduce labour pain by providing employment to other mechanics
  • Train/Facilitate at Technical Institutions
  • Employable at reputable O.E.M’s and Engineering Firms
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Organisations have for a long while not found any value in Training their personnel. The argument is that there is no quantitative metric that can demonstrate the transfer of the intervention. KiYK brings onboard this expertise to ensure every intervention translates to measurable metrics.


Tap into our expertise and let us help you to become an expert in after-sales with training that will be beneficial to you and your team. Our After-sales training solutions BRINGING VALUE to your business are:

  • Service Advisor
  • Service Receptionist
  • Service Foreman
  • Service Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Project Manager After Sales Service
  • Dealer Network Manager
  • Parts Manager
  • Warranty Manager
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centre Agents
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This is an exciting program searching for the Best Technician in Africa. It offers lucrative incentives for Technicians where they are able to participate in Global Contests organised by KiYK. These contests extend throughout all Africa Dealerships, service outlets & Individual Mechanics extending to the Greater Continent, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and American. There has never been anything like it before and Technicians like Doctors are finding the world of Mechanics exciting with limitless opportunities. Find your Space for the next Master Technician program. Contact Us On


We groom them here. These will be the Manufacturing Engineering Managers to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution in the Motor Industry.

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